10 Fun Christian Homeschool Circle Time Activities

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Circle time is such a precious part of your homeschooling journey! Here, we give you 10 easy ideas to point your little one to Christ and fill up their little tanks during this special time together!

1. Days of Creation

One way to bring your faith into circle time is to go over the days of creation! You can choose one day to focus on for the week. This is a fun way to start the homeschool year as it lays the true foundation that God made the world and everything in it! Of course, what a better place to begin than…in the beginning!

Week One (Day and Night) 

Start off with a treat! Fill a small glass with mixed white and dark chocolate chips. Kiddos can separate light from the dark! (You can also use white and black beans). Make shadow puppets, play with flashlights, learn opposites (light/dark, wet/dry, short/tall etc)!

Week Two (Sky & Water)

Make a scavenger hunt for things the color blue! Next, talk about States of Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas). Practice fine motor skills by picking up “clouds” with tongs, and make a water bin with whipped cream sky “clouds” above the waters!

alligator tongs
Week Three (Land & Plants) 

Play with Wooden Trees, do a leaf rubbing, count flower petals, make a nature crown/bracelet, do some Botany Puzzles,  and study the parts of a flower!

wooden trees
botany puzzles
Week Four (Sun, Moon & Stars)

Begin your week by making a Nature Suncatcher! Read a beautiful book about the Sky, then create moon phases with oreos! Make Sun Prints, and play “connect-the-stars” with glow-in-the-dark star stickers and chalk on black paper!

sky gazing
sun prints
star stickers
Week Five (Birds & Fish)

Play Bird Bingo and Ocean Bingo! Also, test your skills with Sibley Bird Flashcards and read Swimmy!

bird bingo
ocean bingo
Week Six (Animals & Man)

Play Animal Tracks, Read Graeme Base’s beautiful classic Animalia, Do a Human Body Puzzle, and talk about feelings & emotions!

human body puzzle
Week Seven (God Rested)

Just like God rested on the 7th Day, we rest in the finished work of Christ who is our Sabbath Rest! 

Something lovely to learn this week are some of God’s Names. We love this one by Sally Michael of Children Desiring God (Yahweh, Alpha & Omega, Jehovah Nissi/Banner Craft, El Roi/God Who sees, Jehovah-Rapha/Lord who Heals).

god's names

2. Foolish Man vs. Wise Man


For little ones, character training should be one of the main elements of your homeschool time. One great way to incorporate this is by looking at some differences between a fool and a wise man in the Bible. Use our Wise Man/Foolish Man chart and add to it as you go over a new verse each day! Get the Printable Here!

3. Books of the Bible Flashcards


COMING SOON- Make it a song or go through them old school! 


4. Sight Word Flashcards


COMING SOON- Our sight word flashcards, based on the Dolch sight words, are edited to include many of the common words a Christian family would use in their language fluency such as Jesus, God, pray, church, amen, sin, praise and more.


5. ABC Bible Verses


Our copy of My ABC Bible Verses is well-worn and well-loved. Memorize Scripture by the alphabet and Join Missy and Bill as they learn important character lessons and hide God’s Word in their hearts!

ABC Bible Verses

6. Seeds Family Worship

 We love playing these songs to learn Scripture easily. Hide Scripture in little hearts with music that is pleasant and enjoyable for the whole family! Check out their YouTube Playlists for hand motions and fun.

7. Jana Alayra


Fun music with fun motions based on Scripture. Great for wiggle breaks and movement! Check out her YouTube channel.


8. Do Great Things for God Series


Wonderful picture books for young girls about inspiring Christian women like Corrie Ten Boom, Amy Carmichael, Betsey Stockton and Helen Roseveare.

betsey stockton
amy carmichael

9. God Counts


A wonderful picture book by Irene Sun about numbers in the Bible and the World. A great resource to add to number/counting/calendar work during Circle Time. Pair with a beautiful Montessori Counting Set for hands-on learning about the God who created numbers and mathematics!

god counts
montessori counting

10. Heroes for Young Readers Series


Missionary/Christian Biographies for the younger bunch provide exposure and introduction to little ones. Written in verse and easy to follow; a great resource when reading YWAM biographies with older kids so everyone can study together. Check out this one about George Müller. 

george muller


Looking for More Circle Time Resources?

Confused about Circle Time? Learn More here!

We are constantly adding new material and resources to make your circle time successful. Check out all of our gear here! As always, we hope these 10 Fun Activities for your Christian Homeschool Circle Time bless you and your family as you seek to point your little learners to Christ!


What are your favorite Homeschool Circle Time Resources? Share with friends in the comments below!

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