Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Unit Study

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A Transforming Homeschool Morning Time Activity!

One of the most remarkable creatures in Creation, the Monarch Butterfly is a brilliant picture of Christ’s transforming power. We have created a beautiful Spring morning time activity that points kids to Christ and uses awesome resources to investigate God’s amazing creation, the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle, together!

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Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Unit Study

Abraham Kuyper said “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!” We hope to create resources that center around the fact that Christ is the point of all education. All knowledge and wisdom are hidden in Him because all things were created by him, through him and to Him. Give your babies a heaping spoonful of truth each morning and enjoy learning together!

The Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle unit focuses on Biblical truths such as transformation through sanctification, the butterfly’s metamorphosis as a picture of our new life in Christ, and the butterfly’s obedience in migration in relation to Israel’s (and our own) rebellion and lack of repentance Phrased in six short, simple lessons which accompany a Scripture passage and memory verse, spend your precious Springtime morning hours together doing something that is wholesome and meaningful for your little one!

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Awesome Resources to Help you Investigate the Monarch Life Cycle, Together!

Using the gorgeous picture book Monarch Butterfly by Gail Gibbons, enjoy Literature Based learning with vibrant illustrations and short, informative text. Your family reads a few easy pages with each lesson! Scheduled Scripture passages and memory verses amplify the reading and make spiritual application to the natural learning.

Known and trusted company Insect Lore provides Butterfly Exploration on your timeline! This kit contains all you need to raise your own painted lady butterflies, and includes a pre-paid voucher to get your live caterpillars when it makes the most sense for you. This way, you can get your curriculum in line, order your book and plan out your own schedule. The Insect Lore Kit cycle takes approximately 3 weeks. Our curriculum encompasses 6 lessons. You can choose to do one per week and start your caterpillars on week 4, or you can do 2 lessons/week and start your caterpillars at the beginning (you will want to try and line up fairly closely the end of the cycle and the end of the curriculum, as it ends with the release of your butterflies while learning about how Christ has set us free!) *Pro Tip: We use this curriculum in the weeks heading up to Easter for a wonderful send-off into the Holiday and Spring Break!*

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*Note: Please check shipping restrictions in your area before purchasing. Insect Lore has guidelines on when caterpillars can be shipped due to temperature, and some states have additional restrictions. Also, read up on Insect Lore’s terms and guarantees to learn about their policies and promises (we have had great luck with them! But they are live insects.)

If you would prefer, at the end of the book, Gail Gibbons gives instructions on how to raise your own Monarch Butterflies (for free)! Check migration patterns in your area to line up curriculum with your egg-catching and hatching, and delight in witnessing the miracle of metamorphosis together, first-hand!

Easy, Powerful Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Unit Study

When learning is introduced with fascinating, beautiful material in bite-sized, punchy lessons, information tends to stick. Long, boring textbooks that don’t work with a child’s natural attention span cause wandering minds and resistance toward lessons. Just like great book chapters keep the reader wanting more, we always want to stop just ahead of this natural span to keep kiddos excited about the next lesson. It is our aim to summarize and curate appropriate lessons that remain vibrant in the mind. This makes a great fit for a gentle yet rich Charlotte Mason approach to learning, while not sacrificing the depth and academic fullness that our Classical Mamas crave. Which one is better? The one you will actually do. We build stamina and love of learning in these young ages which build and give older kids the mental strength to handle long lessons and readings in the Classics (as well as literacy in the Word).

Part of your Oak & Sapling Morning Time

All Oak & Sapling students enjoy starting the day with a gathering we simply call Morning Time. Consisting of daily foundational work such as Scripture and worship, Morning Time also comprises fun and engaging activities that all of your children can participate in together. Learn more about Oak & Sapling’s Learning Cycle here.

O&S Monarch Life Cycle Unit Study

We hope you enjoy our Monarch Life Cycle Unit Study and make vivid memories together while treasuring Christ in your hearts and homes!

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